Marylin Fransimo Bohemia

18/02/2015 ..
L2HGA & HC - clear by parents


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Marylin Fransimo Bohemia

Pedigree of Marylin Fransimo Bohemia

Marylin Fransimo Bohemia

Mercyful Fate Of Sephiroth

Ginstean Love Machine

Sharoc Espirit Santos from Countrylodge

Fabrehn Star Of The Show At Ginstean

Juicy Lucy Of Sephiroth

Too Hot To Handle Of Red Passion

Gothic Girl Of Sephiroth

Dudu Pied Love Fransimo Bohemia

Albermarbull Ice White

Crossguns Black Eyed Pea At Staffwize

Albermarbulls Band Of Gold

Highly Matilda Fransimo Bohemia

Wyrefare The Governor

Any Hanny Fransimo Bohemia
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