At the time of leaving our kennel, all puppies are healthy, well grown, always are vaccinated, have a suitable puppy card brand, accustomed to a professional dry feed. Each puppy is provided with the necessary documents, ie metric puppy and a veterinary certificate.




Actual litters


CH Auricstaff Royal Star


CH Auricstaff Prestige

Puppies were born on September 29th.:

sir: CH Auricstaff Prestige

L2 & HC genetically clear
Champion of Russia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Macedonia, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Slovenia, Champion of the Balkans, Candidate for Champions of Hungary, Candidate for Interchampions, Winner of the National Club of Russia, Qualification of Cruft's 18, 7 CACIB.

dama: CH Auricstaff Royal Star

L2 & HC genetically clear
Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia.

Pedigree litter




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